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WHEN YOU PICK bluegrass at a huge, crowded, noisy Manhattan restaurant, it's often easy to get lost in the sauce. So it always helps to have a person or two who really digs what you're doing and let's you know. And so it was with a guy named Dave Withers who came to our brunch at Southern Hospitality yesterday (1/25/15) from Long Island. Dave hails from Knoxville, TN by way of Backhannon, WV so he knows bluegrass. And because he works on a flight crew, he likes to wish folks "Tailwinds," which is something I think all of us need. He was also nice enough to shoot some video of us singing "Don't Let Me Cross Over (Love's Cheating Line)". It's just a taste, but it starts with the high lonesome and ends, where it should, with a beer. Tailwinds, Dave!

Besides me, this video features Diane Stockwell on fiddle, Billy Failing on banjo and Jason Sypher on the bass (unfortunately, he's hiding throughout, but trust me, it's Jason).

Tailwinds to all of us!