Fresh Baked Bluegrass

Bringing bluegrass to NYC since 2005


This April, we'll mark 10 years as a band; in May, we'll observe a decade playing Sunday bluegrass brunches. In that time, we've logged about 1,560 hours of live music for New York audiences (not counting evening performances, weddings, events and the like). That's about 65 days out of the last 10 years doing nothing but playing bluegrass/folk/Americana/Old Time for Sunday audiences alone, not to mention our Saturdays at Randolph Beer.

It's all been tremendously gratifying, and not least because of the amazing musicians who have chosen to spend their weekend afternoons with us, everyone from Diane Stockwell to Greg Garing, from Jen Larson to Boo Reiners and Jason Sypher, Jake Tilove and more. In fact, I could spend this entire blog just listing the great musicians I've been honored to play with. And maybe I'll do that some time.

Right now, though, I'm here to introduce Fresh Baked Bluegrass, not as a band, but in our upcoming reinvention as a complete bluegrass resource for those looking to find the New York area's very best musicians for their events, parties, venues and more, as well as a way for pickers to connect with each other and find even more paying gigs. In the coming days, weeks, months and years, it's our hope that you will make this blog a must-read and that you will recommend this web site to anyone hoping to find out where the music is.

In that spirit, go to the CONTACT page on this website and let us know what you're looking for. If you are a musician hoping to land some more gigs, please, by all means, let us know. If you are a restaurant, club, bar or event sponsor hoping to add the excitement and authenticity of bluegrass to your establishment or event, let us know. And finally, if you're a fan, drop us a line and we'll point you in the direction of some of the best music this side of the Mason-Dixon line.